Notice Board

A competition/event planner can be viewed on the Forthcoming Events page. This includes the galas that the club will be entering during the 2017/18 season but please note this is subject to change.  A "swimmer selection" row has been included and this highlights the squads that may meet the entry requirements of the gala.  However it does not mean that all swimmers from those squads will automatically qualify.
 An eligibility report is produced for each gala and the swimmers name and the events that they have qualified will be listed. If the swimmers name is not on the eligibility report, it means that they have not met the entry standard or that they are too fast for this particular gala. If you feel that the swimmer should have been included please check with our competition secretary. 
This link  Guide to the four levels of licensed meets gives a brief outline of the differences in the gala levels. Throughout the competitive season we enter galas across all levels and this enables all of our swimmers to compete at an appropriate level.

Please note that the club desk will only be manned on a Thursday evening due to a lack of volunteers. If anybody is willing to help the club in any way it would be very much appreciated

The ASA has changed its name to Swim England  Swim England is the brand name of the Amateur Swimming Association and is now used in all communications

    Can parents/swimmers please keep a record of swim times and update any pb's for future reference

Can parents please be aware that if their child does not attend a gala that they have entered, a fee will be charged by the event organiser, which will be passed on to the parents via the club. To avoid this please ensure that the swimming club is informed of any absences in advance. 

A reminder that ALL SWIMMERS are expected to wear a club top and club bottoms TRAVELING TO and DURING competitions when they are representing the club.

      Membership Fees
For members who pay their membership every six months, payment is due in September and March.          

           Term Fees
For members who do not pay by direct debit, term fees are due in September, January and at the end of April

Gala Entry Information
The committee has decided that there must be a minimum of five swimmers competing in order for a coach to travel to a gala and support the swimmers. Anything less than this a coach will not be present.