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Progression Criteria


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We have five phases of progression within the Club.

  • Development One (Dvl 1)  -  5.30-6.00pm Monday and Thursday. These are Swimmers with NTP level 7 or above working on all four strokes.

  • Development Two  -  6.00-6.30pm Monday and Thursday. These are either Swimmers who have progressed from DVL 1 or on joining Club judged to be at this level. As well as stroke they will begin basic starts and turns.

Both these levels are assessed by Chief Coach and Head Teacher. Criteria are efficiency of all strokes and ability to maintain over 25-50m

  • Following a further assessment the Swimmer can move to C Squad (or Intermediate Squad) where they will continue stroke development, add competitive starts and turns, and do stamina work.

  • They will have 2 x 1hr sessions each week. 

  • At this phase they will be having regular time trials and based on Age, times and ability will be invited to join B Squad. They will also be entering the Club Championships and mini galas.

  • B Squad (or Junior County Squad) will have a program to improve stamina , technique and speed and given the opportunity to enter County Champs, County Intermediate and County Development galas.

They have 2 x 1hr plus 1.5hr and one morning sessions each week but will increase the overall distance swum. They will also be encouraged to attend the land work provided and be educated in the importance of mobility, flexibility and stretching. Regular attendance is monitored.

  • The final phase is moving to A Squad (or Senior County Squad). This is agreed between Chief Coach and Assistant Chief Coach and is based on Age, Ability, Times and the desire to Compete.

They have 7.5hrs training time available each week and a yearly program is produced . Minimum attendance is required to keep their place.

At this stage they will all be looking to qualify for County and Regional competitions and if possible the Nationals.

The Swimmers discuss with the Coach their targets for the year and during training individual goals will be recognised.

Records are kept of progress during each training phase with target times based on performance at Club, County and Open Meets.

We also have a strong Masters section who train with A Club Squad and enter Club, County and Regional events.