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History of the Club

The club was founded around 1860 and is one of the oldest in the country. Initially, all swimming was done in open water, mostly in the local harbours. This continued until Jubilee Open Air Pool opened on the sea front in 1935, in celebration of the Silver Jubilee of King George V. For more information on Jubilee Pool and a great aerial photograph, click here and scroll down to find "Penzance: Jubilee Pool."

All County and Club competitions were held either in the pool or harbours throughout Cornwall and the pool is still used by the Club for summer water polo and the Annual Outdoor Gala.

The use of the Jubilee Pool and local harbours continued until the open air school pool at St Clare was leased to the club and covered over. This was a very basic building and with the year-round demand to swim indoors, it was refurbished and heated in the 1980's. This refurbishment was made possible through grant aid and money raised by the Club.

 This was a 4-lane by 20-metre pool and  which served us well.It was used by local primary schools, public and was hired out to other local organisations.   

 However, now we have a fantastic new leisure facility to use. 

This was only built with the sheer determination and hard work from the local fundraisers, known as PIP, and the local council. This new leisure facility boasts an incredible 25 metre , 6 lane pool.