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 Head Coach

 James Ryan
Improvers Teacher, Assistant Coach &Teacher Rep on committee

 Joanne Edwards
I teach/coach the younger swimmers here at Penzance and I have been teaching swimming since 2000. I have five daughters, three still swimming at county/regional level for the club and Hayle SLS.

I am on the committee and am an ASA level 2 judge as well as having undertaken safeguarding and team manager training. 

I swam competitively and played polo in the London and Essex leagues in till my 30s.

The world of swimming can initially be confusing so if you have any questions please stop me and I will try to help :)

 Assistant Coach

 Iain Richards  
Improvers Teacher, Gala Official 

 Kara Haines  
 Water Polo Coach & Committee Jackie Roberts  

 Shay Bowen  
 Chairman, Water Polo Coach & Water Polo Secretary
 Anthony Stevenson

 Secretary Sam Rixon

 I took on the secretary's role because the club was desperately looking for someone. As I have 2 girls in the club thought i should offer to help out as I want them to be part of an organised successful club.  I have no swimming background but capable of doing a bit of admin and I enjoy watching my girls swim, make friends and compete!  
 Treasurer Laura Cockle  
 Membership Secretary Jeremy Cole  
 Competition Secretary Muffy Dawson
 One of the new members on the committee, Muffy has three sons, two who swim with the Club. I have recently joined the Committee as Competitions Secretary; so please get in touch with questions. 
 Child Protection Officer Dawn Kingston
 Supplies & Kit Manager Vikki Rogers  
 Website Co-ordinator Michele Rescorla
 Committee Member

 Demelza Elliot 'One of the newer members of the committee.  My children joined the club just over 12 months ago and are thoroughly enjoying their swimming again.  It has been great to see them so motivated.  I’m happy to help with any queries where I can, or find out about anything I’m unsure of, so please ask and I’ll do my best.’ 
 Committee Member

 Maxine Hardy  
 Committee Member &
 Media Liaison
 Fiona McLeod I’m a parent Committee member & my daughter, Isla has been swimming at the club for 3years. 
 Committee Member Luke Stevens